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Sivam Catering was founded in late 1980's by late Mr.Paramasivam s/o K.Ramaya in Penang, Malaysia. What started as an interest, turned into a well sustained and  a reliable catering business. The business itself has grown from the days of cooking at home to a self-owned triple storey building from which we continue to provide all of our clients with excellent services. The humble beginnings of our company also includes Mr.Paramasivam, himself, cooking together with his family and friends to run the business. During the many expansions in the 90's and 20's, many professionals from local and foreign have been added to the crew to provide world class cuisines and services. Sivam Catering's legacy is continued by Mr.Premkumar s/o Paramasivam along with his siblings Mrs.Suba and Mr.Seevaratnam since 2015. He have overseen the largest expansion of Sivam Catering till date which is moving from a single floor catering to a triple storey building consisting of Sivam's kitchen, office and also an event hall.


     Sivam Catering serves a large client base in the Northern region of Malaysia from Perlis to Perak. Our clients consist of international and local clients from various background as we are well versed in multi cuisines. We are also proud to say that we are part of the community and we always give back to the community through different CSR programmes. We have also implemented green initiatives in our services such as using only bio-degradable packages. Our catering have also received numerous prestigious award which further enhances our credibility.


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Son of Mr.K.Ramaya, a milkman, is none other than our founder Mr.Paramasivam. He was born on 11 November 1953 in Penang. Mr.Paramasivam was the eldest son of the family with 7 siblings. He was renown for being a hardworking person since young as he had to do many odd jobs to make ends meet. Mr.Paramasivam was also the main breadwinner for the family due to him losing his parents at a young age. The nature of jobs that he undertook when he was young also varies. The examples of jobs that he have undertook are milkman, gardener, car wash attendant, forklift driver, assistant chef at a catering and also a chef at a Chinese restaurant at Batu Ferringhi. All these jobs made him a person with multi skillset.


     Mr.Paramasivam got marrried to Mrs.Parpathy d/o Ratnam on 24th November 1979. He was blessed with 2 sons and 1 daughter. Mr.Paramasivam faced a death scare on January 1996 when he was involved in an unfortunate accident but thankfully and miraculously he survived to grow Sivam Catering to what it is today. He was later succeeded by his elder son, Mr.Premkumar. Mr.Paramasivam was a disciplined man with good principles. He was also involved in many philanthropic projects which involves our multi racial community and also our culture. On 2nd October 2018, Mr.Paramasivam paased away peacefully at his residence.

Management Team

Sivam Catering's core team consist of Mr.Paramasivam's children with Mr.Premkumar leading the business. Mr.Premkumar is the Managing Director of Sivam Catering. Mrs.Suba, daughter of Mr.Paramasivam being the Director. Mr.Seevaratnam, the youngest son is also a shareholder in the company. Mrs.Revathi, wife of Mr.Premkumar is the HR and Finance Manager. Mr.Mohamed Shajahan is the Operation Manager. Mr.Kumar from Karaikudi, India is the Head Chef of Sivam Catering.

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